Blockchain as a method to certify green energy consumption

PV-Magazin:  French energy giant Engie has announced it has signed a contract with U.S.-based Air Products that will enable it to certify that all the energy used by the chemical company in its production processes in France comes from green energy, by utilizing a blockchain protocol.

Engie said that this kind of contract represents “a double revolution in customer-supplier relationships”, as it will allow Air Products to identify green energy generation assets for an industrial gas production facility in France, along with the traceability of the origin the supply of clean energy in near-real time.

The contract relates, in particular, to the power supply that will be granted by a wind farm and two hydroelectric plants, operated by Engie in France, to an Air Product’s plant in Saint-Quentin Fallavier, in the Isère department, and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

“With this type of contract, our ambition is two-fold: to improve the monitoring of green energy consumption by our customers, and to enable our customers to be involved in their traceability to the final consumer,” said the CEO of Engie’s Global Energy Management Business Unit, Edouard Neviaski.

The company believes that the blockchain technology may help it transform its customer-supplier relationship, as well as its customers in increasing their commitment towards renewables and clean energy technologies.


Image Credit: ENGie

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