About Us

Pioneers in Green Energy

Who we are?

The renewable energy industry shapes and liberalizes the future of the energy market. It is replacing the traditional energy resources and utilities with more economical and sustainable ones like wind, solar and geothermal.

oranIT GmbH is your partner for investment in the renewable market to not only having a secure benefit but also secure the life of your children by reducing the CO2 emissions. Together with our national and international partners, we will be at your side to invest in renewable energy market.

Our Vision

Global Warming is affecting our daily lives; people are suffering from draught in Africa and Middle East, in Antarctic glaciers are melting and hurricanes are hitting North America more and more often. If we ignore the effect of the climate changing in coming decades, we encounter not only national-wide problems but also abroad disasters like water conflict (which is happening right now) and immigration waves (an indirect effect of climate change on European countries which is also happening now). Our vision in oranIT is to join the people and organizations who care about our planet Earth; this planet should also be habitable for next generations. Our contribution to this movement is to support migration from traditional electricity power plant to renewable power plants by planning, constructing and maintaining renewable project worldwide.

Our Mission

In the age of fast changing technologies and business, having expert employees and reliable partners is very important, especially when executing abroad projects. This is exactly what makes our strength; our expert team together with our local experienced partners can find the best optimized solution for our customers. Our projects also benefit from the most recent software and hardware technologies in Europe and especially in Germany to maximize the output of renewable projects.