Europe could generates 25% of its energy demand only with rooftop solar panels. 

We could massively expand low-cost solar generation just by using the space over our heads. 90% of the rooftops in Europe are untapped and by using this potential, we could generate a quarter of our energy demand in Europe and save more than 4 million tonnes of CO2 each year.

For example, a four-person family household in Germany with an average annual electricity consumption of 3,600 kWh, by producing its electricity from solar panels could save more than € 500 annualy.

In oranIT GmbH we have different options for the owners of residential and commercial buildings to produce electricity and earn money without paying a single cent:

  • the roof-owner could lease the roof for Installation of solar panel. In this option you use 20% cheaper electricity and at the same time the property value increases. In addition, you earn money from leasing contract per square meter
  • or be the owner of the installed solar panels and sell the generated electricity for at least 20 years to the local electricity distributor companies with state guarantee.

Our solutions are designed both for commercial and residential roof-owners. For more information please contact us.