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Quantum Computing 101

Essential Knowledge for Professionals

Quantum computing, a cutting-edge and rapidly evolving field, is moving from theoretical physics into practical, real-world applications. With its vast potential to transform numerous industries, it’s crucial for professionals across various sectors to grasp the basics of this groundbreaking technology.

Our 5-hour tailored training session is designed to provide a broad overview of quantum computing, equipping you with the essential knowledge to stay ahead in your field. This training ensures you don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of this technological shift. 

After this training session you will have a general undersatnding of quantum computing technology and its technical and financial potential for your sector.

For Whom?

This training is designed for:

  • Investors seeking new opportunities 
  • Company decision-makers planning for future advancements 
  • Policy makers involved in technological governance 
  • Data scientists aiming to expand their expertise 
  • Students eager to explore cutting-edge technology  


A general knowledge of mathematics and physics at the high school level is sufficient. No prior understanding of quantum physics or computer science is necessary. 

Training Content

Our 5-hour on-site tailored training session (in EN or DE) offers a comprehensive overview of quantum computing, covering: 

  • Understanding the basics of Quantum World: An introduction to the basic principles of quantum physics like quantum states, wave function, spin, entanglement, etc.
  • Quantum Computing: Understanding the basics of quantum computing and its key differences to classical computers.  
  • Different Quantum Computers: An overview of the available quantum hardware. 
  • Applications Across Industries: Potential uses in finance, healthcare, AI, chemistry, and more. 
  • Exploring Business Opportunities: Identifying new ventures and investment potentials. 
  • Current Quantum Computing Landscape: Insights into the status and future trends of the industry.  


Hamzeh Alavirad, holding a PhD in theoretical physics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), specializes in quantum field theory in curved space-time and quantum cosmology. As the Chief Science Officer at Oranit GmbH in Germany, Hamzeh combines his profound scientific knowledge with a keen entrepreneurial mindset. He possesses a deep understanding of the business aspects of complex technologies, including quantum computing. Driven by a passion for scientifically validating innovative ideas and technologies, Hamzeh is dedicated to bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and practical applications. His expertise and enthusiasm make him an exceptional guide in the world of quantum computing. He is also the video lecturer of Quantum Computing at IU International University of Applied Sciences.

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