Solar for Your House

Reduce your electricity bill up to 70%
Become Grid-Independent

Solar for Your Company

Become a Green Business
Lower Operating Costs

Your Project = Our Donation

Clean energy is good. We make it BETTER. From each solar project, we donate part of OUR profit to support primary school education for children in need.
For up to 10 kWp of installed solar capacity, we support 2 primary school children. For each additional 10 kWp installed, we support 2 students more.

1000000 Wh

solar energy produced

1000 kg

CO2 reduced

3000000 Wp

solar systems designed

“The renewable energy industry shapes and liberalizes the future of the energy market and our planet. It is replacing conventional energy resources with more economical and sustainable, such as solar energy. We believe that with investment in clean energy, each one of us accelerates the change for the better. For our benefit and that of future generations. #TheFutureStartsToday

Dr. Hamzeh Alavirad, CEO & Founder

Hamzeh Alavirad

Hamzeh Alavirad


Anna Indricane

Anna Indricane

Marketing Manager

Juan Gomez

Juan Gomez

Technical Manager

Why Us?

Triple impact strategy

We believe that a sustainable solution includes all 3 aspects: financial+environmental+social. How we achieve that:
– provide competitive pricing with energy-efficient solar solutions
– use EU produced equipment with high-quality standards, long life expectancy, and low embodied CO2 emissions
– donate part of our share to primary education support and reforestation

Quality service in 5 languages

From the first consultation, we take 100% responsibility for our work and support you during the lifetime of your solar installation.
We communicate fluently in Spanish, English, German, Farsi, and Latvian- contact us in the language you feel the most comfortable with.

Core strength- our team

Physicists, certified solar installers, renewable energy engineers, and financial advisors will find the best solution for you, no matter how big and complex is the project.
Sustainable innovation and continuous learning is our passion- we are using the latest software to design your solar system and the most efficient equipment for the installation.