Project Finance

oranIT GmbH is your gateway to the European low-rate interest loans for your industrial projects (specially the renewable projects) world-wide. Together with our experienced financial advisers we will assist you to boost the construction or extension of your project by opening Letter of Credit in a German bank. For more information please contact us.


Market Analysis

The first step before deciding to enter or invest in a new market or not, is to analyse quantitatively and qualitatively market assessment. To reach the most reliable and trustworthy results, a wide spectrum of factors, not only the economic ones, but also the political, social and cultural factors should be considered. oranIT GmbH together with its experienced and specialist local partners analyse and investigate the market on both the local and global scales. For example, if the dwellers of a small village near your potential future solar farm welcome your project and support the it or not up to global and national policies which can affect your business will be included in the market analysis.


Project Management

To execute a successful project and accomplish all defined goal successfully and as scheduled, a well-planned strategy and management must be applied. On one hand, there should be an experienced project management team with a global scope and on the other hand a good and deep knowledge and familiarity of project’s local environment is required. oranIT team together with its partner manages your photovoltaic project from the pre-study phase till commissioning and maintenance phases of the project.

Project Construction

oranIT GmbH has the best and experienced local engineering and contractor companies as its partners to overtake the construction of the oranIT’s customers’ solar farm projects . Our partners have a deep knowledge of the electricity industry and regulations in Middle-East countries and till now have designed, engineered and constructed tenths of megawatts solar projects in Middle-East countries.


For your renewable energy project, we choose and collect the best quality and most optimal equipment from all around the world and ship them to the project site. Therefore, you should not worry about the custom clearance or shipment of the equipment. This service is not limited to the renewable projects. We support you with all industrial automation products upon your request. In addition, together with our partners you benefits the consulting to choose the best optimal and appropriate solutions and products.

Operation and Maintenance

The construction and commissioning is not our last service and contact to our customers. It is just the beginning of a long cooperation and partnership. We will take care of your valuable assets. By implementing the most recent monitoring and controlling technologies, we guarantee an optimal and efficient plant production.


Bureaucratic Work

Every country has its specific bureaucratical administration system and formalities which seem complex at first glance to people who are not familiar with them. Such paper-works can be a real barrier to start a business (or even analyse a market) in a foreign country, even if economically the market of that country is beneficiary. oranIT GmbH removes such unnecessary obstacles and facilitate your investment path to the Middle-East countries solar energy market. We negotiate on behalf of you with relevant authorities, apply for the required permissions, and etc. Therefore, you can focus on your business instead of entangling with complex bureaucratic affairs.


Business Trip Organizing

oranIT organizes the business trips for European investors and companies who are willing to investigate the Middle-East countries market closely and locally. On the other hand, we  organize the delegation teams from Middle-East countries who are going to marketing their products in Europe by presenting their product at fairs or visiting customers face to face.


Data Consulting

oranIT GmbH with its expert team of big data and data science specialists will consult you in your machine learning, data analysis and IT projects.


Workshops and Training

Training keeps your business always up to date and puts you ahead of your competitors. Upon your request, we tailor and organize workshops and trainings for your managers, engineers and employees.


TSO and DSO Automation

The oranIT GmbH together with its partner Kalkitech offers different automation solutions for Transmission and Distribution. These solutions consist of hardware and software products like RTU Test Set, Distribution Automation, Substation Automation Systems and control center solution equipped with modern protocols like IEC 61850 and ICCP. Read more.